The First Post

It’s taken me a while to warm up to blogs. Having over a dozen websites out there, I didn’t see the point. Up until now, I rarely read blogs. I found them to be endless ramblings of unknown people whose thoughts I have no time to listen in on.

Lately, though, I’ve seen some really awesome blogs! There are some very thoughtful, insightful writers out there, who have written some really good stuff.

And then, I also started to think, keeping a journal is an awesome idea. I used to do that in the days when I actually used my hand to write (instead of a keyboard). I keep meaning to write, simply for the sake of writing. So now, here I find myself, starting my own blog, purely for the purpose of writing out my own thoughts! It really doesn’t matter if anyone reads it.

So, here I begin my Annie Zed blog.


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