A World that Works for Everyone

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The coronavirus lockdown gives us all an unprecedented opportunity to sit with ourselves and deeply listen to our inner truths. After we process the stages of grief and accept the inevitable change to our lives and lifestyles, we can confront our core desires, choose differently, and re-intend our life trajectory.

In all honesty, we now face at least one (possibly many) of the following circumstances that we hope to release forever.

  • A job that is ill-suited or mis-aligns with our integrity.
  • A living situation that upsets our balance and wellbeing.
  • Dishonest or shallow relationships.
  • Overwhelming debt for things we no longer see as assets.
  • Commitments to activities that are unreasonable, meaningless and generate resentment.
  • (Add your discomfort to this list.)

Never mind “flattening the curve”; we’ve all had to flatten our lives! Yet, there’s great possibility in starting over from scratch: we can create anything. This is a blessed time of going within, and asking ourselves these vital questions.

  1. Who am I, really?
  2. Who do I choose to be? What kind of person, with what kind of personality traits and values?
  3. How do I want to express myself in this world, here and now, in this lifetime? How do I want to be known and for what gifts and actions?
  4. What are my priorities, what self-chosen ideals do I commit to live by now, and how does that look in my daily life?
  5. Where does my love flow?

As these questions slowly unfold in a sacred revelation from the inner self to the outer self, honour the process. Allow as much time as you need to transition through this rebirthing. Be gentle with yourself.

Give yourself the time to truly listen and hear your heart, your soul, your body and your environment.

When we all pay full attention to our truest nature; when we are all in total, sincere alignment with our own integrity; when we deeply honour our talents and value ourselves; and when we utterly surrender to what we discover within, that is when our world shows up to reflect us.

If we all do this now, we have the best chance to create a world that works for everyone.

A World that Works for Everyone © April 18, 2020 | Annie Zalezsak


Art Instead of Advertising

I’m becoming increasingly aware of the growing disdain for advertising. Understandable. We’re bombarded with it constantly. The consumerism propoganda has us buying brands (often unconsciously and hypnotically). We support product lines like sports team fans. When you really think about it, it’s rather sad.

Most of my career has been marketing-related. After years in print, I began feeling sorry for the trees being cut down for the stupidity of flyers and coupons that were resented by so many as “junk mail”. More recently, actions like the Clean City law in Sao Paulo, and the Street Advertising Takeover (TOSAT) in Toronto, billboards and other signage is being seen as “visual polution”. It’s getting to be quite a growing movement.

“Art not Ads” recently caught my eye. Many blogs that were formerly drowning in affiliate advertising have decided enough is enough. Art is a statement that creates a two-way thought-provoking dialogue. Ads, on the other hand, are the one-way slamming of images intent on implanting¬†biased commands into our unaware and unconsciously vulnerable heads. Now Art is becoming preferable and appreciated. The pennies these ads may casually generate no longer compensate for the annoyance, frustration and site exits they prompt.

What would our towns and cities be like, if every ad and sign was Art instead of advertising? Seems like a cause well worth pursuing.

Documenting Life Progress

As I re-read my previous posts, I recognize the significance of their content in relation to who and where I am now. A remarkable inner and outer transformation occured during my week in Portugal. And if I hadn’t written what I wrote before, I may not truly connect with just how far I have come; and how, once desire is Voiced, the universe orchestrates the Answer.

When we truly follow an intention to “go with the flow”, miracles happen. Trusting, moment by moment, is the path of Clarity.