Highest Good for All Concerned

For about 4 months, I’ve been pounding the pavement daily, looking for an income opportunity. With few jobs in my area (much less any that relate to my field of expertise) I was pretty much open to anything. I’m not adverse to starting at the bottom to learn a new trade. I actually did 9 courses in this time, all relevant to the hospitality industry. I did a work trial at a popular coffee shop chain. I was especially keen to get into community work and applied for anything and everything I felt capable of doing.

Nothing. Nada. There were quite a few jobs, too, further afield, that my skills and experience completely fit. No go. This left me very confused. What do employers want?

Secretly, I did believe that the Universe knows best. That, in its own time, it would find the perfect role for me. No matter what it looked like, what the tasks were, where it was located, or what the job title was, I would trust that the Universe would orchestrate the right meeting at the right time, for all those involved.

A series of coincidences led to me find out about a job I may not otherwise have spotted, or even applied for if I had spotted it. It was one I thought, sounds okay, may as well apply. (This was in contrast to others where I thought: “Yah! I want this!”) I didn’t hear back for a while, and forgot about it. Some weeks passed. Got an email for an interview. Was very excited all of a sudden. By the day of the interview, though, I let go of any attachment to the outcome. I figured, what happens, happens. Instead of dressing to impress, I wore what reflected ‘me’. I went in thinking: I’m just meeting some new people, learning about their company, and what happens, well, I trust it will be for the best.

The interview flowed fantastically. I got really excited about the prospects. I left with my mind racing about all the wonderful things I could do at this company. I felt 99.9% certain that the job was mine. They said they’d call within the next few days. I was on pins and needles.

No call. Weeks passed. I was now certain I didn’t get the job, and perplexed why not. Every now and again, I’d have to air my confusion to people. “I just don’t get it?!”

Then, almost a month later, I was invited for a second interview, and straight away, offered the job. On reflection, I realize there were reasons for the delay, on both sides, but not ones that made clear sense at the time.

For example, several days before this, I was given the privilege of using an office space for the purpose of developing my own business ideas. Had I got the job sooner, I may not have pursued the office space. Now, I have both opportunities on a part-time basis!

This truly is for the highest good of all concerned. In the coming months (and in future posts), I will be writing more that is bound to confirm this!


Documenting Life Progress

As I re-read my previous posts, I recognize the significance of their content in relation to who and where I am now. A remarkable inner and outer transformation occured during my week in Portugal. And if I hadn’t written what I wrote before, I may not truly connect with just how far I have come; and how, once desire is Voiced, the universe orchestrates the Answer.

When we truly follow an intention to “go with the flow”, miracles happen. Trusting, moment by moment, is the path of Clarity.


I am going to Portugal for a week. I went to the same area a little over 3 years ago, and was in a very different head space at that time. Back then, the holiday was about letting loose in the sun for the sake of fun. It was about karaoke bars till the wee hours, all day sleeping on the beach, jet ski and tube rides.

This time, it’s low season and I’m seeking clarity on my direction in life. It’s about time out, getting an objective perspective from a distance, and relaxing. It’s about wandering walks, talks, and observations – at least, that is what I’m anticipating.

With both holidays, the intention was/is to completely go with the flow, be spontaneous, and enjoy whatever comes along. No particular plans, no schedule, no itinerary.

Interesting how the same holiday in the same location with the same travel companion can feel completely different when it is experienced at a different stage in life!

Action and Inaction

I found Jacqui Cullen’s blog post today on Clarity Tribe, Do you have the courage to stand still thought-provoking. Especially after yesterday when AutoWindscreens, my partner’s employer, publicly announced that it has gone under administration.

We were already counting pennies. With both of us now with uncertain income, there is immediate panic and worry. The fight or flight response kicks in. We’re likely to do things we normally wouldn’t consider, because of this chaos.

The fact is, someone could buy the company, and within a week there could be good news and all will be well again. The fact is, I’m still determined to stick to my guns and continue on a path that feels authentic to my calling. My truth is, in my heart, I know all will be well, and that staying calm is the best thing to do. Staying calm will keep me connected to my intuition, which will guide me. Jacqui’s words about standing still, mean to me that it is necessary to quiet the mind and really listen. The universe will provide. I just need to be still to be sensitive to the nuances of which way it tells me to go in order to find that providence. When the way becomes clear, that is when the action is to be taken.