Be or Do

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The ‘spiritual path’ seems to focus on being. Some take that to mean the absence of doing; others view it as meditation, or being mindful (present-moment awareness) in the midst of any action.

“I am a human being, not a human doing. …
If you are what you do, then when you don’t… you aren’t.”
— Dr. Wayne Dyer

While I understand this well, there are things that I can experience as a human being, that involves doing. All kinds of doing. And there’s so much I want to do.

In fact, sometimes I’m overwhelmed by all the doing that I want to fit in. The fun kind of doing. I want to travel, paint, dance, write, swim, and go to qi gong classes.

Then there’s the doing that I have to do, in order that I may be. Work, bathe, eat. Sometimes, all I want to do is the bare bones basics.

… you will never get it done.  — Abraham-Hicks

Ain’t that the truth. Even if you tick off every item on your bucket list, there are endless options to add on.

For me, life is not a choice between being or doing. It’s not even about balance between the two.

My spiritual path feels more like I’m ‘accepting’. Relaxing into each moment, whatever is happening (or not), and making the best of it.

Be or Do © November 20, 2015 | Annie Zalezsak


Balanced Acupressure

I was at a talk on acupressure today. The audience provided a list of symptoms. The doctor showed us which acupressure points were useful to relieve these symptoms. I noticed subtle differences in my energy as I tried out various points.

PC6 is a point three finger widths from the wrist line. It’s supposed to relieve nausea.

Photo credit: Annie Zalezsak

Feeling fine in every way, I pressed PC6 on my left arm. Oddly, I suddenly became very nauseous! I asked the doctor, what do I do now? He asked if I tried pressing the same point on my right arm. I hadn’t. I was concerned I’d make the nausea worse, but gave it a try. Sure enough, within about 30 seconds of pressing the opposite arm, the nausea disappeared altogether.

I found this result very interesting and important to share with anyone starting to experiment with acupressure. If you’re not quite getting the intended result, make sure you apply acupressure equally to both sides of the body for overall balance!