Triggered Clarity

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Someone said something at me. Not to me, not directly; but it was obvious it was intended for my ears.

It made me angry. It made me mistrust her. It even made me think I hate her and never want her in my presence again. A virtual stranger says a few words I take personally as a judgement of me, and it sets me into a complete tizzy. Which makes me call her names in my journal, and changes a big decision on a direction I was heading, turning me 180 degrees around.

At first, it seems like I’m giving away my power to this person.

I work through the emotions. They are all over the place.

But the more I write them down, I pare away at the truth.

I realize that this is happening, because a choice I made to go down a certain road, no longer feels like it’s in my best interest.

In my mind, it seemed like a good idea, and for months I’ve been planning for this. But right here and now, it feels all wrong, and this woman showed up to scream it in my face. Indirectly, so I’d take issue, and uncover the real, less magnificent (but ultimately more important) choice for the next step in my life.

Sometimes, clarity is triggered in an unpleasant way. The important thing is listening and being willing to change plans according to what feels right and empowering.

Triggered Clarity © January 1, 2018 | Annie Zalezsak

Teach and Learn

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Life’s biggest lessons are the most gruelling. Once learned, we have no choice but to answer the call of the lesson: to teach what we’ve learned to others.

The student becomes the teacher becomes the student becomes the teacher in a lifelong process of exchange. The relationship becomes a mirror exercise. A yin yang. A give-and-take dynamic between two souls that raise each other up to a higher level of understanding: of self and each other.

Ever unfolding, new dimensions accessed, all become greater than self was before the learning.

The mentor and protégé are one.

© June 3, 2013 | Annie Zalezsak