Gary Quinn: The YES Frequency

The YES Frequency by Gary QuinnI’ve been a fan of Gary Quinn since his first book, “May the Angels be with You“. His CDs have been such a wonderful help to me. I was also fortunate to meet Gary at a workshop in North Wales several years ago. He’s very down-to-earth, personable and relatable as a speaker. So when his latest book, “The YES Frequency” was published, I was excited to find out his take on the power of “YES”.

I found myself smiling for extended periods as I read it. Gary dares to challenge you to face the “NO” demons in your head, and replace them resolvingly with “YES!” What I like about this book in particular, is its simple, no-nonsense advice. It doesn’t ask you to do any major personality overhauls or deep analytical digging into your past. Instead, it puts forward a premise that is pretty direct. It’s like a hit of espresso that wakes you up in one quick gulp. There is a matter-of-fact-ness to this book, and the whole idea of The YES Frequency. Unlike many self help books, this one doesn’t demand hard work and scrutiny to change your life. It offers subtle tweaks to cause major shifts. It makes change easy. I like easy.

Towards the end of the book, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if some of these “YES” affirmations were on CD? A few pages later, I see there already is one. You can listen to sample snippets here.

I asked Gary a few questions that stood out to me regarding his book.

Gary QuinnHow did you discover the power of the word “YES”?

I discovered the word “Yes” doing a seminar in Munich Germany. I walked into a seminar and felt the deep heavy energy of the participants. I immediately asked the Universe “what do I need to tell this people first? I was told to have then stand and repeat YES 200 times. That was the birth of the YES word. After they spoke it out loud they were all happy and had a renewed energy.

Do you have a daily YES Frequency practice?

YES. Everyday I say: Yes, today I accept great opportunities.
I say it at least 40 times a day.

Why is ‘transformation’ important to the YES Frequency?

Transformation is important to create the inner belief change by downloading the old negative thinking and upload the positive new belief system.

How does ‘trust’ affect the YES Frequency?

Trust is an important factor in giving yourself the permission to move forward in all areas of your life. As you extend that Trust, it becomes you in all areas of your life. You then open the door to change.

Thanks, Gary, for yet another wonderful book!

You can read my other reviews of Gary Quinn’s work on my website, Vibrant Word. Also, visit Gary’s website at and follow him on his Facebook page, The YES Frequency.

© October 26, 2013 | Annie Zalezsak


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