Getting Back on Track With Better Food Choices

Since my last post, my food choices included more calzone, pulled pork poutine, Miss Vickie’s potato chips and Reeses peanut butter chocolate bars. Today, the tide turned for the better. This is what I bought at the grocery store.

For lunch, I made a mushroom omelette (3 mushrooms, 2 organic eggs, organic cheddar cheese, turmeric, black pepper, and organic mango salsa on top).

For dinner, I made salad with romaine lettuce, caesar dressing and added sausages that I cooked on my George Foreman grill.

Now, I know these choices aren’t perfect. It’s not so much the choices, but my attitude that has shifted back on the right track. Today, I didn’t obsess over what I should or shouldn’t eat. I didn’t dwell for hours on what take out food I wanted. I wasn’t compelled by anything in particular. I simply thought, I’m hungry. I’ll make an omelette. I’ll get some lettuce and salad dressing. I’ll use up those sausages in the fridge.

Food became simple again. There were no psychological motives or power struggles amidst the food choices.

Last night I made an important decision about a life direction. This morning I woke up feeling empowered. I felt stronger. I knew what was right for me. There are still a lot of fears and unknowns about this direction, but at least I know I have made a conscious choice and I have control over that choice. Before that, I was looking to others to direct me. I now realize that I had been listening to their advice more than my own heart and gut.

I have learned that following my intuition about the big things can make the little things, like food choices, much simpler. Aspects of our lives are inter-weaved and impact each other, even though we hardly realize it.

Big lesson for me.

© July 29, 2013 | Annie Zalezsak


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