Evidence of a Sordid Past

This is what I used to eat, till I learned that most of this is not real food
(or it’s genetically modified).

Photo credit: Annie Zalezsak

I started eating better in January 2013. These things were still in my cupboards until today. I kept them because I thought maybe someone visiting might want them. But how can I now, eating so much better, give this garbage to anyone I care about?

So it’s going in the dumpster. Anything unopened I will give to the food bank because, well, anything edible is better than starving, I suppose. It’s funny how whenever I go to a ‘normal’ supermarket now, there are aisles and aisles of products I no longer consider to be food.

This is what I bought on my grocery shopping trip today. There are still plenty of treats. But they are organic. Real food ingredients.

Photo credit: Annie Zalezsak

I feel a lot better for it!


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