Sandy Taught Me

Annie and Sandy, 3 December 2011Sandy is a lurcher that spent two weeks of his life at our house. Getting another dog was something we’d thought about over the years, but we never pursued the idea until I saw Sandy’s picture on the Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue website just over a month ago.

Sandy Pandy in foster care

I admit, we didn’t entirely think it through. But something in Sandy’s face just drew me in. We took our 10+ year old lurcher, Toby, to meet Sandy, and all was well between them. So we arranged to pick up Sandy on the 19th of November 2011.

Sadly, as the days went on, I realized my breathing had become more and more laboured, with wheezing and coughing. Allergies didn’t occur to me until after several scary episodes. I realized that we couldn’t keep Sandy long term.

I’m extremely grateful that we had this chance to have Sandy in our lives. In two short weeks, he taught me so much!


Just Because You Love Someone, Doesn’t Mean You Have to Live With Them.

It doesn’t mean they can’t live without you, or they can’t have a good life with someone else.

So often we hang onto people that may not necessarily be good for us. They may be cute and beautiful and quite a character. They may be fun and great company. But if being together brings either person discomfort, resentment creeps in over time. Rather part in love, than be together in a way that is not good for either. Often, we can love people more with a bit of distance between.

Annie walking with Sandy

If I Am Willing to Walk for the Dog’s Health, I Must Be Willing to Walk for My Own

Even though we’ve had Toby for 8 years, I used to go on a fraction of the walks he shared with Darren. When we got Sandy, it was essential that I go, too. I found I really enjoyed the walks and felt so much healthier. I decided that this is something I must continue to do for “me”. If I can find the discipline and motivation to get up at 6:30am daily for someone else, surely I must honour myself equally as much!

Sandy's focusStay Focused on What You Want

Forget everything else. Just keep your eye on the thing you want most! The goal, no matter how high, ideal, or lofty, is always achievable. And once you do acquire it…

Value Everything You’ve Got

Cherish it, delight in it, relish it!

Sandy's treat

Be Willing to Share… Even if it’s Your Final Crumbs

Even when we don’t know where our next meal is coming from, we must trust that our needs will be met. Meanwhile, it’s kindest to share what we have while we have it. It actually makes us both feel happy when we share.

Toby and Sandy share

Listen Intently

When you truly listen to instructions carefully, you are bound to be rewarded.

Sandy listens

Be Polite

Be open to meeting new people and remember that good manners go a long way.

Sandy is polite

Share Your Perspective With Others

When you share your views and insights, you all learn something.

Darren, Toby and Sandy on Merthyr Vale's tram road


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