Looking for My Community

Photo credit: Andrew Kazmierski, Dreamstime.com

I’ve lived in three Canadian provinces, and six counties in the United Kingdom. I’ve had impulses (and calculated plans) to live in mainland Europe, Australia, and Arizona. This year was the first year I finally felt I was making a commitment to staying put in my local area for good.

And yet… suddenly, surprisingly out of nowhere, the same old nomadic thoughts resurged yet again.

Known among my friends for my wandering spirit, my latest waverings prompted a friend to ask me this probing question:

“What are you looking for?”

I sat with this question repeatedly reciting in my head for a good 24 hours. The consistent answer that kept coming back to me was:

“My people. My tribe.”

I want to be a part of a community where my creativity is encouraged, supported, valued, celebrated. Allowed. Desired. Wanted. Needed.

While I do spatterings of creativity here and there, I want to LIVE it. I am so weary now of battling the contradicting energies of the environment in which I currently live, among those who unwittingly (just by being who they are) seem to thwart my efforts and impede my creative flow. I need my own, unhindered space. A place I can really feel free to create and thrive. A community that wants me there for every drop of creativity that I can give.

I’m looking for My Community.

Perhaps we all are.


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