Art Instead of Advertising

I’m becoming increasingly aware of the growing disdain for advertising. Understandable. We’re bombarded with it constantly. The consumerism propoganda has us buying brands (often unconsciously and hypnotically). We support product lines like sports team fans. When you really think about it, it’s rather sad.

Most of my career has been marketing-related. After years in print, I began feeling sorry for the trees being cut down for the stupidity of flyers and coupons that were resented by so many as “junk mail”. More recently, actions like the Clean City law in Sao Paulo, and the Street Advertising Takeover (TOSAT) in Toronto, billboards and other signage is being seen as “visual polution”. It’s getting to be quite a growing movement.

“Art not Ads” recently caught my eye. Many blogs that were formerly drowning in affiliate advertising have decided enough is enough. Art is a statement that creates a two-way thought-provoking dialogue. Ads, on the other hand, are the one-way slamming of images intent on implanting biased commands into our unaware and unconsciously vulnerable heads. Now Art is becoming preferable and appreciated. The pennies these ads may casually generate no longer compensate for the annoyance, frustration and site exits they prompt.

What would our towns and cities be like, if every ad and sign was Art instead of advertising? Seems like a cause well worth pursuing.


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