I am going to Portugal for a week. I went to the same area a little over 3 years ago, and was in a very different head space at that time. Back then, the holiday was about letting loose in the sun for the sake of fun. It was about karaoke bars till the wee hours, all day sleeping on the beach, jet ski and tube rides.

This time, it’s low season and I’m seeking clarity on my direction in life. It’s about time out, getting an objective perspective from a distance, and relaxing. It’s about wandering walks, talks, and observations – at least, that is what I’m anticipating.

With both holidays, the intention was/is to completely go with the flow, be spontaneous, and enjoy whatever comes along. No particular plans, no schedule, no itinerary.

Interesting how the same holiday in the same location with the same travel companion can feel completely different when it is experienced at a different stage in life!


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